Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stadt-Land Ökologie

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Stadt-Land Ökologie (AGSLÖ) is an interdisciplinary organisation based in Bremen, Germany. It works with a range of partners in the conceptualisation and realisation of sustainable development projects, and organises educational activities, promotions and events. Its current and recent projects include the promotion of organic and regional food in the rural economy, healthy living, fair trade and other Agenda 21 issues. The AGSLÖ coordinates the three ÖkoMärkte (organic markets) in Bremen and is also involved in the "Region Aktiv" initiative, which aims to promote the sustainable development of the Bremen region.
The organisation was founded in 1986 and is coordinated by Angela Wilhelms. The team is completed by the Project Managers Holger Heß-Borski and Bernd Hüttner. There are several committed volunteers. The AGSLÖ provides training and work experience for young Germans under the FÖJ scheme ("voluntary ecological year") and young Europeans under the European Voluntary Service (EVS) scheme. Recent EVS participants include those from Spain, Italy and England.

Contact by mail

Meyerstrasse 141
D-28201 Bremen
fon: (0049) 421/34 91 724 fax (0049) 421/34 91 774
open: monday to friday 9-15
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